1. 27 Nov, 2009 1 commit
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      installation: templates now in $(datadir)/syncevolution/templates (MB #7808) · 0944e3ed
      Patrick Ohly authored
      The previous location was /usr/etc/syncevolution. It should have been
      /etc/syncevolution in our debs, with proper declaration as system
      config files. The intention was that system admins can add or modify
      Not particularly likely, so now template files are only searched in
      /usr/share/syncevolution/templates (or whatever was chosen with
      configure --datadir).
      Also added a README to that directory, warning that copying these
      files will lead to incomplete configs. Each main config.ini carries
      a similar comment, for those who miss the README.
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  4. 07 Apr, 2009 1 commit
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      configuration: added support for configuration templates in /etc and server icons · fa2e0c41
      Patrick Ohly authored
      The server config.ini files and icon.[svg|png] in src/default will be installed
      in /etc/default/syncevolution. All configurations found there extend and/or
      override the builtin templates. The advantage is that file-based templates
      can have icons and that templates can be added/modified without recompiling
      This meta information is now part of EvolutionSyncConfig:
      - getWebURL() returns a URL with further information; this
        replaces the hard-coded URL string that was previously
        returned as comment for templates in the ServerList
      - getIconURI() currently returns absolute file paths to
        an icon file (example: icon.png for ScheduleWorld). The
        content and exact URI may vary, depending on how system
        administrators or distributions configure SyncEvolution.
        If possible, callers should be able to handle http://
        and other URI access methods.