1. 13 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      drm: Add/reorder headers as required by check-preprocessor-syntax.sh · ce68336f
      Bryce Harrington authored
      If cairo-drm-intel-brw-eu.h and/or cairo-drm-intel-brw-structs.h are
      intended to be private headers, then the change to include cairo.h can
      be dropped but the headers should be renamed *-private.h to conform with
      Cairo standards.
      I'm not certain why check-preprocessor-syntax.sh started flagging these
      issues, as it doesn't look like there's been changes to them recently.
      But the release scripts won't move forward without these being fixed.
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      drm: Add backends for i915 and i965. · 77afe849
      Chris Wilson authored
      As proof-of-principle add the nearly working demonstrations of using DRM
      to render directly with the GPU bypassing both RENDER and GL for
      performance whilst preserving high quality rendering.
      The basis behind developing these chip specific backends is that this is
      the idealised interface that we desire for this chips, and so a target
      for cairo-gl as we continue to develop both it and our GL stack.
      Note that this backends do not yet fully pass the test suite, so only
      use if you are brave and willing to help develop them further.