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1.15.6 release

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Release 1.15.6 (2017-06-13 Bryce Harrington <>)
This new snapshot incorporates changes over the past half-year since the
1.15.4 snapshot, including all the fixes from the 1.14 release series.
The PDF code continues to be enhanced, and we're restored MacOSX 10.4
support. Font-related fixes and improved error handling for X round out
the release.
For a complete log of changes, please see
Features and Enhancements
* Detect if variable fonts have synthesized bold/italic or non-default
variants, and use a fallback font where needed.
* Restore MacOSX 10.4 support. Cairo had dropped 10.4 support when
moving to the CoreText API. Now we automatically detect which API to
use via dynamic linking, so can resume supporting this older version
of MacOSX.
API Changes
Dependency Changes
Performance Optimizations
Bug Fixes
* Fix error reporting in the xcb backend if fallback fails. Instead of
returning NULL when the X11 server can't do some operation, return a
surface in an error state.
* Call XSync in the xlib backend before setting the error handler to
ignore errors for certain requests, to make sure all pending errors
are handled first.
* Fix text-glyph-range for quartz-font. Use 0xFFFF instead of 0 for
invalid index tracking.
* Fix handling of Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP) Unicode
characters in quartz-font.
* Fix various issues in the drm backend including updating API usage and
general code cleanup.
* Clarify documentation regarding device scale inheritance and the units
used in cairo_surface_create_similar_image.
Bug #99094.
Release 1.15.4 (2016-12-9 Bryce Harrington <>)
This new snapshot incorporates changes over the past year since the
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