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1.12.12 release

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Release 1.12.12 (2013-01-31 Chris Wilson <>)
The goal of this release is to fix the synchronisation problems that
were exhibited in the SHM transport for cairo-xlib. This cropped up
any place that tried to rapidly push fresh pixel data to the X server
through an ordinary image surface, such as gimp-2.9 and evince.
Bug fixes
Avoid replacing the entire image when uploading subimages
Force synchronisation for scratch SHM image buffers, so that we do
not overwrite data as it is being read by X. (also)
Fix typos in detecting multisampling for the GL (MSAA) backend.
Fix a memory leak in the GL (MSAA) backend.
Fix a reference counting bug when mapping a GL surface to an image.
Release 1.12.10 (2013-01-16 Chris Wilson <>)
A heap of bug fixes everywhere, and the gradual completion of the MSAA
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