Commit c9c24773 authored by Michael Teyfel's avatar Michael Teyfel Committed by Daniel Stone

layout-interface: added interface to change surface id

This interface enables an id-agent to change the surface ids of an
ivi-layout-surface once.
Signed-off-by: Michael Teyfel's avatarMichael Teyfel <>
parent 7419dc26
......@@ -314,6 +314,12 @@ struct ivi_layout_interface {
struct ivi_layout_surface *ivisurf,
uint32_t duration);
* \brief set id of ivi_layout_surface
int32_t (*surface_set_id)(struct ivi_layout_surface *ivisurf,
uint32_t id_surface);
* layer controller interface
......@@ -1811,6 +1811,44 @@ ivi_layout_surface_set_transition_duration(struct ivi_layout_surface *ivisurf,
return 0;
* This interface enables e.g. an id agent to set the id of an ivi-layout
* surface, that has been created by a desktop application. This can only be
* done once as long as the initial surface id equals IVI_INVALID_ID. Afterwards
* two events are emitted, namely surface_created and surface_configured.
static int32_t
ivi_layout_surface_set_id(struct ivi_layout_surface *ivisurf,
uint32_t id_surface)
struct ivi_layout *layout = get_instance();
struct ivi_layout_surface *search_ivisurf = NULL;
if (!ivisurf) {
weston_log("%s: invalid argument\n", __func__);
return IVI_FAILED;
if (ivisurf->id_surface != IVI_INVALID_ID) {
weston_log("surface id can only be set once\n");
return IVI_FAILED;
search_ivisurf = get_surface(&layout->surface_list, id_surface);
if (search_ivisurf) {
weston_log("id_surface(%d) is already created\n", id_surface);
return IVI_FAILED;
ivisurf->id_surface = id_surface;
wl_signal_emit(&layout->surface_notification.created, ivisurf);
static int32_t
ivi_layout_surface_set_transition(struct ivi_layout_surface *ivisurf,
enum ivi_layout_transition_type type,
......@@ -1973,6 +2011,7 @@ static struct ivi_layout_interface ivi_layout_interface = {
.surface_get_weston_surface = ivi_layout_surface_get_weston_surface,
.surface_set_transition = ivi_layout_surface_set_transition,
.surface_set_transition_duration = ivi_layout_surface_set_transition_duration,
.surface_set_id = ivi_layout_surface_set_id,
* layer controller interfaces
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