Commit ca26e85f authored by Seong-Joong Kim's avatar Seong-Joong Kim
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uru4000: Fix integer overflow in imaging_run_state()

‘img->key_number’ variable is originally from the device through bulk
endpoint of USB. The variable is immediately assigned to ‘buf[0]’ for
sending to control endpoint of the device. Here, integer overflow may
occur when the ‘img->key_number’ attempts to assign a value that is
outside of type range of ‘char’ to the ‘buf[0]’
parent 07143803
......@@ -710,7 +710,7 @@ static void imaging_run_state(fpi_ssm *ssm, struct fp_dev *_dev, void *user_data
uint32_t key;
uint8_t flags, num_lines;
int i, r, to, dev2;
char buf[5];
unsigned char buf[5];
switch (fpi_ssm_get_cur_state(ssm)) {
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