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Remove mk-build-deps for now

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......@@ -94,9 +94,9 @@ fi
# Unpack the tarball in the build directory and change the naming conventions to Debian standard then repack
echo "Unpacking the release archive..."
tar xzf "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${LATEST_TAG}".tar.gz -C "${PACKAGE_DIR}"
tar xzf "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${LATEST_TAG}".tar.gz -C "${PACKAGE_DIR}" && cd ${PACKAGE_DIR}
tar caf ${PACKAGE_NAME}"_"${UPSTREAM_VER}".orig.tar.xz "${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${UPSTREAM_VER}"
rm -f "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${LATEST_TAG}".tar.gz
# Copy the Debian packaging files into the same directory as the source code and
......@@ -104,9 +104,6 @@ rm -f "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${LATEST_TAG}".tar.gz
cd "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${UPSTREAM_VER}" || exit 1
# Create and install a dummy package to satisfy the build dependencies, then delete it
mk-build-deps -ir "${SCRIPT_DIR}"/debian/control
# Replace the generic distribution string "unstable" with the distribution codename of the build system
sed -i "1s/unstable/$(lsb_release -cs)/" "${PACKAGE_DIR}"/"${PACKAGE_NAME}"-"${UPSTREAM_VER}"/debian/changelog
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