Commit 6764ec79 authored by Peter Maatman's avatar Peter Maatman
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etes603: Prevent hang during enroll process

This commit fixes a hang in gnome-settings when trying to enroll a finger.

The same issue could be seen in the enroll example. Previously the enroll
example would hang on "deactivating" because at some point dev->is_active
is set to false and m_exit_start is never called.
parent 6f4c3789
......@@ -1430,8 +1430,9 @@ static void dev_deactivate(struct fp_img_dev *idev)
/* this can be called even if still activated. */
if (dev->is_active == TRUE) {
dev->is_active = FALSE;
static int dev_open(struct fp_img_dev *idev, unsigned long driver_data)
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