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More fixes and updates.

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......@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ application; if that is unavailable, the name of the application.
> (left, assuming left-to-right writing), do nothing.
> Otherwise, do the equivalent of `"\r\n"`.
**Issue**: Possibly add an option for a character (with styling)
to indicate that a newline is missing.
For example fish uses `⏎`, while zsh uses `%` (in inverse video).
`OSC "133;A"` _options_ `"\007"`
> First do a _fresh-line_.
......@@ -90,7 +94,7 @@ application; if that is unavailable, the name of the application.
> End of current command.
> Applicable options: `aid`, `cancel`.
> Applicable options: `aid`, `cancel`, `err`.
`OSC "133;D"` [`";"` _exit-code_]`"\007"`
> Same as `OSC "133;Z"` [`";err="` _exit-code_]`"\007"`
......@@ -151,7 +155,7 @@ A terminal must ignore an _option_ whose _option-name_ it doesn't recognize.
> specifying what kind of cursor key sequences are handled by the application.
> The value `line` allows motion within single input line, using
> using standard left/right arrow escape sequences
> (or overridden by `'move-keys`). Only a single left/right sequence
> (or overridden by `move-keys`). Only a single left/right sequence
> should be emitted for double-width characters.
> The value `m` (for "multiple") allows movement between different lines
> (in the same group), but only using left/right arrow escape sequences.
......@@ -235,7 +239,9 @@ It must end with `'OSC 133;B'` or `'OSC 133;I'` or
end-of-line (only for final/right prompts).
Initial indentation (such as emitted by `fish`) should
treated and delimited as prompts, if possible.
treated and delimited as a (blank) prompt. Alternatively, it can
be handled "background", which means it should be "written"
using cursor motion (`CSI C`), not spaces.
If there is a right prompt in an input line that wraps around (logical
line wider than screen width), the prompt should be written at
......@@ -275,7 +281,7 @@ the arrow keys (or some other key sequence), then it is easy for the
terminal to translate a mouse click to the appropriate key sequence.
Moving the cursor within the current input line is requested
by the `click-move=line` option. If the terminal supports this
by the `cl=line` option. If the terminal supports this
feature, it should be activated when the user clicks
in an input line containing the cursor,
using a button-1 (left) click and no modifier keys.
......@@ -305,14 +311,28 @@ it doesn't have a way to specify a marker.
# Resources
## Bash
## Bash shell
If you use [the Bourne-Again SHell (bash)](
use [this initialization script](./shell-integration.bash).
## Fish shell
[Initialization script for bash (the Bourne-Again SHell)](./shell-integration.bash)
If you use [fish shell]( use
[this initialization script](./
## DomTerm
## Zsh shell
If you use [Zsh]( use
[this initialization script](./shell-integration.zsh).
## DomTerm terminal
[DomTerm]( implements the latest version of this specification.
# Open Questions
See the paragraphs starting with **Issue:**.
Also need to verify that the above scripts don't do weird things for
old ITerm2 versions.
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