Commit 54a8fa01 authored by Per Bothner's avatar Per Bothner

Tweak to bash and zsh scripts.

parent 76c72228
#source /home/bothner/DomTerm/tools/
case "$thisfile" in
"") echo "installation error - can't find path to $0"; exit -1 ;;
/*) ;;
*) thisfile="$PWD/$thisfile" ;;
while test -L "$thisfile"; do thisfile=$(readlink -f "$thisfile"); done
source `dirname "$thisfile"`/
function __prompt_precmd() {
local ret="$?"
#PS1='\[\e]133;P\a\]'$PS1'\[\e]133;B\a\e]122;> \a\]'
#PS1='\[\e]133]A;repaint;aid='"$BASHPID"'\a\e]133;P\a\]'$PS1'\[\e]133;B\a\e]122;> \a\]'
function __prompt_precmd() {
local ret="$?"
......@@ -326,9 +326,10 @@ it doesn't have a way to specify a marker.
## Bash shell
If you use [the Bourne-Again SHell (bash)](
use [this initialization script](./prompts-data/shell-integration.bash).
`source` [this initialization script](./prompts-data/shell-integration.bash).
It depends on the [ script](./prompts-data/
from [this site](
from [this site](,
which you should `source` first.
Bash has very limited support for multi-line input editing.
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