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    all: drop emacs file variables from source files · c0e075c9
    Thomas Haller authored
    We no longer add these. If you use Emacs, configure it yourself.
    Also, due to our "smart-tab" usage the editor anyway does a subpar
    job handling our tabs. However, on the upside every user can choose
    whatever tab-width he/she prefers. If "smart-tabs" are used properly
    (like we do), every tab-width will work.
    No manual changes, just ran commands:
        F=($(git grep -l -e '-\*-'))
        sed '1 { /\/\* *-\*-  *[mM]ode.*\*\/$/d }'     -i "${F[@]}"
        sed '1,4 { /^\(#\|--\|dnl\) *-\*- [mM]ode/d }' -i "${F[@]}"
    Check remaining lines with:
        git grep -e '-\*-'
    The ultimate purpose of this is to cleanup our files and eventually use
    SPDX license identifiers. For that, first get rid of the boilerplate lines.
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