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    shared: move most of "shared/nm-utils" to "shared/nm-glib-aux" · 80db06f7
    Thomas Haller authored
    From the files under "shared/nm-utils" we build an internal library
    that provides glib-based helper utilities.
    Move the files of that basic library to a new subdirectory
    "shared/nm-glib-aux" and rename the helper library "libnm-core-base.la"
    to "libnm-glib-aux.la".
     - the name "utils" is overused in our code-base. Everything's an
       "utils". Give this thing a more distinct name.
     - there were additional files under "shared/nm-utils", which are not
       part of this internal library "libnm-utils-base.la". All the files
       that are part of this library should be together in the same
       directory, but files that are not, should not be there.
     - the new name should better convey what this library is and what is isn't:
       it's a set of utilities and helper functions that extend glib with
       funcitonality that we commonly need.
    There are still some files left under "shared/nm-utils". They have less
    a unifying propose to be in their own directory, so I leave them there
    for now. But at least they are separate from "shared/nm-glib-aux",
    which has a very clear purpose.
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