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    libnm: rework checkpoint API · 735dc41b
    Thomas Haller authored
    The libnm API fir checkpoints was only introduced with 1.11. It
    is not yet stable, so there is still time to adjust it. Note that
    this changes API/ABI of the development branch.
    - we only add async variants of the checkpoint functions. I believe
      that synchronous D-Bus methods are fundamentally flawed, because
      they mess up the ordering of events.
      Rename the async functions by removing the "_async" suffix. This
      matches glib style, for which the async form is also not specially
    - for function that refere to a particular checkpoint (rollback and
      destroy), accept the D-Bus path as string, instead of an NMCheckpoint
      instance. This form is more flexible, because it allows to use
      the function without having a NMCheckpoint instance at hand. On the
      other hand, if one has a NMCheckpoint instance, he can trivially
      obtain the path to make the call.
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