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    cli: use nm_client_add_connection2() API from nmcli · 64c17871
    Thomas Haller authored
    Make use of the new API. Note that AddConnection2() covers all
    functionality of AddConnection() and AddConnectionUnsaved(). Let's
    only use one API for all.
    There is a minor downside to this patch: now nmcli requires
    libnm 1.20 API. Note that libnm's nm_client_add_connection2()
    makes an effort to avoid AddConnection2() under the hood to
    still work against older server versions. So, you can use nmcli
    with libnm 1.20 to talk to older versions of NetworkManager.
    But with this change nmcli strictly requires libnm 1.20. I think that is
    sensible because commonly nmcli requires a libnm version that is as new
    as itself.
    Also, the value of allowing nmcli to talk to older NetworkManager
    versions is during package upgrade (where the daemon might not be
    restarted). This is much less concern w.r.t. to updating the nmcli/libnm
    combo, which is commonly packaged together.
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