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      build/meson: rename platform tests to use same name as autotools · 16cd84d3
      Thomas Haller authored
      First of all, all file names in our source-tree should be unique. We should
      not have stuff like "libnm-core/tests/test-general.c" and "src/tests/test-general.c".
      The problem here are the C source files, and consequently also the test
      binaries have duplicate names. We should avoid that in general. However,
      our binaries should have a matching name with the C source. If
      "test-general.c" is not good enough, that needs renaming. Not building
      "platform-test-general" out of it.
      On the other hand, all our tests should have a filename "*/tests/test-*", like
      they do for autotools.
      Rename the meson platform tests.
      It's also important because "tools/run-nm-test.sh" relies on the test
      name to workaround valgrind warnings.
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