1. 22 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      libnm,cli: add NMSettingWireGuard · b521f426
      Thomas Haller authored
      For now only add the core settings, no peers' data.
      To support peers and the allowed-ips of the peers is more complicated
      and will be done later. It's more complicated because these are nested
      lists (allowed-ips) inside a list (peers). That is quite unusual and to
      conveniently support that in D-Bus API, in keyfile format, in libnm,
      and nmcli, is a effort.
      Also, it's further complicated by the fact that each peer has a secret (the
      preshared-key). Thus we probably need secret flags for each peer, which
      is a novelty as well (until now we require a fixed set of secrets per
      profile that is well known).
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      libnm, cli, ifcfg-rh: add NMSettingEthtool setting · df30651b
      Thomas Haller authored
      Note that in NetworkManager API (D-Bus, libnm, and nmcli),
      the features are called "feature-xyz". The "feature-" prefix
      is used, because NMSettingEthtool possibly will gain support
      for options that are not only -K|--offload|--features, for
      example -C|--coalesce.
      The "xzy" suffix is either how ethtool utility calls the feature
      ("tso", "rx"). Or, if ethtool utility specifies no alias for that
      feature, it's the name from kernel's ETH_SS_FEATURES ("tx-tcp6-segmentation").
      If possible, we prefer ethtool utility's naming.
      Also note, how the features "feature-sg", "feature-tso", and
      "feature-tx" actually refer to multiple underlying kernel features
      at once. This too follows what ethtool utility does.
      The functionality is not yet implemented server-side.
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      libnm: add nm-autoptr.h header · ff8e5633
      Thomas Haller authored
      "nm-autoptr.h" is done in a way that allows you to copy the header
      in your source tree to support older versions of libnm, that didn't
      contain the header yet. For example, we might want to use it in
      network-manager-applet, but we don't want to bump the libnm dependency
      to 1.11.2+ only to get this functionality.
      Note that G_DEFINE_AUTOPTR_CLEANUP_FUNC() was added in glib 2.43.4,
      and requires compiler support for the cleanup attribute. The compiler
      support is taken as given, because we rely on it already. However,
      NetworkManager and network-manager-applet still don't depend on a glib
      version recent enough to provide these macros. To actually use them
      (*inside*) NetworkManager/network-manager-applet, we either would have
      to bump the glib minimal dependency, or reimplement g_autoptr in
      /shared/nm-utils/nm-glib.h compat header.