1. 06 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  2. 28 May, 2018 1 commit
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      clients/tests: run nmcli commands in parallel · baaab522
      Thomas Haller authored
      Most nmcli calls from clients/tests don't change the server's state.
      Hence, they can easily run in parallel.
      Run tests in parallel. No longer handle one nmcli invocation after the other.
      Instead, spawn groups of processes in parallel, and track the pending jobs.
      Only at certain synchronization points we call self.async_wait() to
      wait for all previous jobs to complete.
      This reduces the test time on my machine from 7 to 3 seconds. Arguably,
      that matters less during a full `make check -j 8`, because the entire
      set of tests anyway takes longer than 7 seconds. So when running the
      entire test suite, the machine is kept busy anyway. It matters however
      for manual invocations.
  3. 27 May, 2018 1 commit
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      clients/tests: generate Makefile.am for expected files · ee85151a
      Thomas Haller authored
      The developer can re-generate .expected files with
       $ NM_TEST_REGENERATE=1 ./clients/tests/test-client.py
      Note that these files are also dist-ed, so that the tests also work
      from a source-tarball. For that, we need to add them to EXTRA_DIST.
      Previously, this was done manually in the base Makefile.am file. This
      was cumbersome, because when adding a new test, the developer would need
      to manually add the files.
      Now, let the test (with NM_TEST_REGENERATE=1) also generate a makefile
  4. 25 May, 2018 1 commit
  5. 24 May, 2018 5 commits
  6. 14 May, 2018 2 commits
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      clients/tests: add more checks for output of nmcli by language · 72244610
      Thomas Haller authored
      Let the computer do the hard stuff. Since we already call the tests,
      why only check for one language?
    • Thomas Haller's avatar
      tests: various refactoring in tools/test-networkmanager-service.py · f563a6df
      Thomas Haller authored
      - no more global variables, except those in the new variable "gl".
      - don't pass that bus instance around. Use the singleton gl.bus.
      - separate creation of ExportedObj from exporting on D-Bus.
      - use enum values loaded from NM via GObject introspection.
      - the visible change is that the generated D-Bus paths now start
        counting at one. That is also how NetworkManager behaves, and
        it looks nicer to have no zero ID for an object.
  7. 11 May, 2018 1 commit
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      clients/tests: add python test script for nmcli tests · d4093a3a
      Thomas Haller authored
      Add a test which runs nmcli against our stub NetworkManager
      service and compares the output.
      The output formats of nmcli are complicated and not easily understood.
      For example how --mode tabular|multiline interacts with selecting
      output-fields (--fields) and output modes ([default]|--terse|--pretty).
      Also, there are things like `nmcli connection show --order $FIELD_SPEC`.
      We need unit tests to ensure that we don't change the output