Commit f8fed7dd authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

checkpatch: complain about XXX markers in code

We have a few source code tags like "TODO" and "FIXME".
"XXX" is not intended to be merged, it is for marking
places in code while still working on it.
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......@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ complain ("Don't use \"unsigned int\" but just use \"unsigned\"") if $line =~ /\
complain ("Please use LGPL2+ for new files") if $is_patch and $line =~ /under the terms of the GNU General Public License/;
complain ("Don't use space inside elvis operator ?:") if $line =~ /\?[\t ]+:/;
complain ("Don't add Emacs editor formatting hints to source files") if $line_no == 1 and $line =~ /-\*-.+-\*-/;
complain ("XXX marker are reserved for development while work-in-progress. Use TODO or FIXME comment instead?") if $line =~ /\bXXX\b/;
new_hunk if $_ eq '';
my ($this_indent) = /^(\s*)/;
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