Commit f6237b3f authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

cli: cleanup _get_fcn_vlan_xgress_priority_map()

- merge the pointless helper function vlan_priorities_to_string()
  into the only caller _get_fcn_vlan_xgress_priority_map().

- minor cleanups, like setting out-is-default if num==0, not
  based on whether we have a non-empty string. There is not difference
  in practice, because nm_setting_vlan_get_priority() never fails.
  Hence they are identical. But nm_setting_vlan_get_priority() has
  an API that allows it to fail, so we should declare the default
  depending on the number of vlan priorities.

- don't allocate the temporary GString instance if we won't need it.

- only append the delimiter if needed, and not truncate it afterwards.
  It might have even worse performance this way, but it feels more
  correct to me.

- also cache the result of nm_setting_vlan_get_num_priorities().
  NMSettingVlan's implementation is horrible and uses a GSList to
  track the list of priorities. This makes it relatively expensive
  to call get-num-priorities repeatedly (and pointless).

(cherry picked from commit bbfd3668)
parent 0e54f55c
......@@ -1777,25 +1777,6 @@ vlan_flags_to_string (guint32 flags, NMMetaAccessorGetType get_type)
return g_string_free (flag_str, FALSE);
static char *
vlan_priorities_to_string (NMSettingVlan *s_vlan, NMVlanPriorityMap map)
GString *priorities;
int i;
priorities = g_string_new (NULL);
for (i = 0; i < nm_setting_vlan_get_num_priorities (s_vlan, map); i++) {
guint32 from, to;
if (nm_setting_vlan_get_priority (s_vlan, map, i, &from, &to))
g_string_append_printf (priorities, "%d:%d,", from, to);
if (priorities->len)
g_string_truncate (priorities, priorities->len-1); /* chop off trailing ',' */
return g_string_free (priorities, FALSE);
static char *
secret_flags_to_string (guint32 flags, NMMetaAccessorGetType get_type)
......@@ -3862,14 +3843,31 @@ _vlan_priority_map_type_from_property_info (const NMMetaPropertyInfo *property_i
static gconstpointer
_get_fcn_vlan_xgress_priority_map (ARGS_GET_FCN)
NMVlanPriorityMap map_type = _vlan_priority_map_type_from_property_info (property_info);
NMSettingVlan *s_vlan = NM_SETTING_VLAN (setting);
char *str;
GString *str = NULL;
guint32 i, num;
str = vlan_priorities_to_string (s_vlan, _vlan_priority_map_type_from_property_info (property_info));
NM_SET_OUT (out_is_default, !str || !str[0]);
num = nm_setting_vlan_get_num_priorities (s_vlan, map_type);
for (i = 0; i < num; i++) {
guint32 from, to;
if (!nm_setting_vlan_get_priority (s_vlan, map_type, i, &from, &to))
if (!str)
str = g_string_new (NULL);
g_string_append_c (str, ',');
g_string_append_printf (str, "%d:%d", from, to);
NM_SET_OUT (out_is_default, num == 0);
if (!str)
return NULL;
RETURN_STR_TO_FREE (g_string_free (str, FALSE));
static gboolean
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