Commit e2071e92 authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel 🥕

build: set -Wall when probing extra warning options

Some warnings depends on others: -Wformat-security won't work without
-Wformat. With -Wall we're confident enough that we have important
warnings enabled and in any case we're going to enable it anyway.
parent 99b92fd9
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ if test "$GCC" = "yes" -a "$set_more_warnings" != "no"; then
-Wno-unused-parameter \
; do
dnl GCC 4.4 does not warn when checking for -Wno-* flags (
_NM_COMPILER_FLAG([$(printf '%s' "$option" | sed 's/^-Wno-/-W/')], [],
_NM_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wall $(printf '%s' "$option" | sed 's/^-Wno-/-W/')], [],
unset option
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