Commit de45e49e authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

settings: document nm_settings_add_connection()

parent 1fe5c197
......@@ -879,6 +879,20 @@ remove_default_wired_connection (NMSettings *self,
* nm_settings_add_connection:
* @self: the #NMSettings object
* @connection: the source connection to create a new #NMSettingsConnection from
* @save_to_disk: %TRUE to save the connection to disk immediately, %FALSE to
* not save to disk
* @error: on return, a location to store any errors that may occur
* Creates a new #NMSettingsConnection for the given source @connection.
* The returned object is owned by @self and the caller must reference
* the object to continue using it.
* Returns: the new #NMSettingsConnection or %NULL
NMSettingsConnection *
nm_settings_add_connection (NMSettings *self,
NMConnection *connection,
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