Commit d7b99066 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

clients/tests: skip client tests with python 3.8-beta

It's unclear how to workaround this issue, so that the tests
work with older python versions and 3.8-beta.

Let's wait whether this will really be released as 3.8 and
for now just skip the test.
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......@@ -1106,6 +1106,13 @@ class TestNmcli(NmTestBase):
def main():
global dbus_session_inited
if sys.version_info.major == 3 and sys.version_info.minor == 8 and sys.version_info.releaselevel == 'beta':
# 3.8-beta changed behavior for the line numbers, which
# breaks the tests (
# skip the test for now.
print("WARNING: skip client test with python 3.8-beta")
if len(sys.argv) >= 2 and sys.argv[1] == '--started-with-dbus-session':
dbus_session_inited = True
del sys.argv[1]
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