Commit d2871089 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

platform: don't read past end of address array (bgo #742937)

The address might be zero-size, and therefore nl_addr_get_binary_addr()
returns a pointer to a zero-size array.  We don't want to read past the
end of that array.  Since zero-size addresses really mean an address
of all zeros, just make that happen.

As an additional optimization, if the prefix length is zero, the whole
address is host bits and should be cleared.

==30286== Invalid read of size 4
==30286==    at 0x478090: clear_host_address (nm-linux-platform.c:3786)
==30286==    by 0x4784D4: route_search_cache (nm-linux-platform.c:3883)
==30286==    by 0x4785A1: refresh_route (nm-linux-platform.c:3901)
==30286==    by 0x4787B6: ip4_route_delete (nm-linux-platform.c:3978)
==30286==    by 0x47F674: nm_platform_ip4_route_delete (nm-platform.c:1980)
==30286==    by 0x4B279D: _v4_platform_route_delete_default (nm-default-route-manager.c:1122)
==30286==    by 0x4AEF03: _platform_route_sync_flush (nm-default-route-manager.c:320)
==30286==    by 0x4B043E: _resync_all (nm-default-route-manager.c:574)
==30286==    by 0x4B0CA7: _entry_at_idx_remove (nm-default-route-manager.c:631)
==30286==    by 0x4B1A66: _ipx_update_default_route (nm-default-route-manager.c:806)
==30286==    by 0x4B1A9C: nm_default_route_manager_ip4_update_default_route (nm-default-route-manager.c:813)
==30286==    by 0x45C3BC: _cleanup_generic_post (nm-device.c:7143)
==30286==  Address 0xee33514 is 0 bytes after a block of size 20 alloc'd
==30286==    at 0x4C2C080: calloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/
==30286==    by 0x6B2B0B1: nl_addr_alloc (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x6B2B0E3: nl_addr_build (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x6B2B181: nl_addr_clone (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x66DB0D7: ??? (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x6B33CE6: nl_object_clone (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x6B2D303: nl_cache_add (in /usr/lib/
==30286==    by 0x472E55: refresh_object (nm-linux-platform.c:1735)
==30286==    by 0x473137: add_object (nm-linux-platform.c:1795)
==30286==    by 0x478373: ip4_route_add (nm-linux-platform.c:3846)
==30286==    by 0x47F375: nm_platform_ip4_route_add (nm-platform.c:1939)
==30286==    by 0x4AEC06: _platform_route_sync_add (nm-default-route-manager.c:254)
parent 6c1a6d2d
......@@ -3891,7 +3891,14 @@ route_search_cache (struct nl_cache *cache, int family, int ifindex, const void
|| nl_addr_get_prefixlen (dst) != plen)
clear_host_address (family, nl_addr_get_binary_addr (dst), plen, dst_clean);
/* plen = 0 means all host bits, so all bits should be cleared.
* Likewise if the binary address is not present or all zeros.
if (plen == 0 || nl_addr_iszero (dst))
memset (dst_clean, 0, sizeof (dst_clean));
clear_host_address (family, nl_addr_get_binary_addr (dst), plen, dst_clean);
if (memcmp (dst_clean, network_clean,
family == AF_INET ? sizeof (guint32) : sizeof (struct in6_addr)) != 0)
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