Commit b405677a authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

todo: remove item about finished VPN IPv6 support

parent b636ea86
......@@ -116,16 +116,6 @@ the VPN because WiFi choked for 10 seconds, but reconnect the VPN if it was
connected before the drop.
* VPN and IPv6
The internal VPN capability should support IPv6. Essentially, the D-Bus
interface between NetworkManager and the VPN service daemons should be extended
with an IP6Config signal that passes up the IPv6 addressing and routing details
if the VPN daemon is IPv6 capable. NM should then process those details like it
does with IPv4. include/NetworkManagerVPN.h should be updated with key/value
pairs defining the various IPv6 attributes much like the IPv4 ones are defined.
* VPN IP Methods
Some VPNs (openvpn with TAP for example) require that DHCP is run on a
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