Commit b3b9b2bf authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

build: disable lcov version check

Ideally we should switch to the standard macro AX_CODE_COVERAGE for
code coverage, but infortunately it's not supported on older distros
(e.g. on Travis).

Keep using the current macro, but remove the lcov version check as
it's not clear why it's needed in the first place (see [1]). The
latest version of lcov is now 1.13.

parent ebb30c53
......@@ -43,35 +43,13 @@ AC_DEFUN([GNOME_CODE_COVERAGE],[
AC_MSG_ERROR([not compiling with gcc, which is required for gcov code coverage])
# List of supported lcov versions.
lcov_version_list="1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10"
AC_CHECK_PROG([LCOV], [lcov], [lcov])
AC_CHECK_PROG([GENHTML], [genhtml], [genhtml])
AS_IF([ test "$LCOV" ], [
AC_CACHE_CHECK([for lcov version], gnome_cv_lcov_version, [
lcov_version=`$LCOV -v 2>/dev/null | $SED -e 's/^.* //'`
for lcov_check_version in $lcov_version_list; do
if test "$lcov_version" = "$lcov_check_version"; then
gnome_cv_lcov_version="$lcov_check_version (ok)"
], [
lcov_msg="To enable code coverage reporting you must have one of the following lcov versions installed: $lcov_version_list"
AS_IF([ test -z "$LCOV" ], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([lcov is needed to enable code coverage reporting])
case $gnome_cv_lcov_version in
lcov_msg="You must have one of the following versions of lcov: $lcov_version_list (found: $lcov_version)."
LCOV="exit 0;"
AS_IF([ test -z "$GENHTML" ], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([Could not find genhtml from the lcov package])
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