Commit ac243851 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

settings: don't allow addition of invisible connections

Ensure that only connections which are visible to the user adding
the connection may be added.
parent 64c817dd
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include <gmodule.h>
#include <net/ethernet.h>
#include <netinet/ether.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <NetworkManager.h>
#include <nm-connection.h>
......@@ -765,6 +766,35 @@ add_new_connection (NMSettings *self,
return NULL;
static char *
get_user_name (gulong uid)
struct passwd pwd;
struct passwd *result;
char *buf, *uname = NULL;
size_t bufsize;
int s;
bufsize = sysconf (_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX);
if (bufsize == -1)
bufsize = 16384; /* adequate fallback */
buf = g_malloc0 (bufsize);
g_assert (buf);
s = getpwuid_r (uid, &pwd, buf, bufsize, &result);
if (result)
uname = g_strdup (pwd.pw_name);
else if (s == 0) {
nm_log_dbg (LOGD_SYS_SET, "Lookup failed for UID %lu: not found", uid);
} else {
nm_log_dbg (LOGD_SYS_SET, "Lookup failed for UID %lu: %d", uid, s);
g_free (buf);
return uname;
static void
pk_add_cb (NMAuthChain *chain,
GError *chain_error,
......@@ -777,6 +807,8 @@ pk_add_cb (NMAuthChain *chain,
GError *error = NULL, *add_error = NULL;
NMConnection *connection;
NMSysconfigConnection *added;
gulong caller_uid = G_MAXULONG;
const char *error_desc = NULL;
priv->auths = g_slist_remove (priv->auths, chain);
......@@ -799,7 +831,52 @@ pk_add_cb (NMAuthChain *chain,
goto done;
/* If the caller isn't root, make sure the connection can be viewed by
* the user that's adding it.
if (!nm_auth_get_caller_uid (context, priv->dbus_mgr, &caller_uid, &error_desc)) {
error = g_error_new (NM_SETTINGS_ERROR,
"Unable to determine UID of request: %s.",
error_desc ? error_desc : "(unknown)");
goto done;
connection = nm_auth_chain_get_data (chain, "connection");
/* Ensure the caller's username exists in the connection's permissions,
* or that the permissions is empty (ie, visible by everyone).
if (0 != caller_uid) {
NMSettingConnection *s_con;
char *uname;
gboolean allowed;
uname = get_user_name (caller_uid);
if (!uname) {
error = g_error_new (NM_SETTINGS_ERROR,
"Unable to determine username for UID %lu.",
goto done;
s_con = NM_SETTING_CONNECTION (nm_connection_get_setting (connection, NM_TYPE_SETTING_CONNECTION));
g_assert (s_con);
allowed = nm_setting_connection_permissions_user_allowed (s_con, uname);
g_free (uname);
if (allowed == FALSE) {
error = g_error_new_literal (NM_SETTINGS_ERROR,
"Cannot add an inaccessible connection.");
goto done;
/* Caller is allowed to add this connection */
added = add_new_connection (self, connection, &add_error);
if (added)
dbus_g_method_return (context, nm_connection_get_path (NM_CONNECTION (added)));
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