Commit a7de4851 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

platform: add nm_platform_lookup_object_by_addr_family() util

parent 1fc04795
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......@@ -1058,4 +1058,15 @@ nm_platform_lookup_ip6_route_by_weak_id (NMPlatform *platform,
return nm_platform_lookup (platform, &lookup);
static inline const NMDedupMultiHeadEntry *
nm_platform_lookup_object_by_addr_family (NMPlatform *platform,
NMPObjectType obj_type,
int addr_family)
NMPLookup lookup;
nmp_lookup_init_object_by_addr_family (&lookup, obj_type, addr_family);
return nm_platform_lookup (platform, &lookup);
#endif /* __NMP_OBJECT_H__ */
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