Commit 9856ca60 authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš

cli: fix formating of "nmcli con add help" output

parent 133996ac
......@@ -324,10 +324,10 @@ usage_connection_add (void)
" type <type>\n"
" ifname <interface name> | \"*\"\n"
" [con-name <connection name>]\n"
" [autoconnect yes|no]\n\n"
" [autoconnect yes|no]\n"
" [save yes|no]\n"
" [master <master (ifname, or connection UUID or name)>]\n"
" [slave-type <master connection type>]\n\n"
" [save yes|no]\n\n"
" ethernet: [mac <MAC address>]\n"
" [cloned-mac <cloned MAC address>]\n"
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