Commit 90fb359b authored by Andy Kling's avatar Andy Kling Committed by Lubomir Rintel

wifi: auto connect mesh networks

mesh connections can be started at any time but prevent a connection
using ip auto configuration to start, if no mesh point providing the
network is in range.
parent 77b13c68
......@@ -806,12 +806,13 @@ check_connection_available (NMDevice *device,
return TRUE;
/* Ad-Hoc and AP connections are always available because they may be
/* Ad-Hoc, AP and Mesh connections are always available because they may be
* started at any time.
mode = nm_setting_wireless_get_mode (s_wifi);
if ( g_strcmp0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_ADHOC) == 0
|| g_strcmp0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_AP) == 0)
|| g_strcmp0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_AP) == 0
|| g_strcmp0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_MESH) == 0)
return TRUE;
/* Hidden SSIDs obviously don't always appear in the scan list either.
......@@ -1022,7 +1023,8 @@ can_auto_connect (NMDevice *device,
NMConnection *connection;
NMSettingWireless *s_wifi;
NMWifiAP *ap;
const char *method, *mode;
const char *method6, *mode;
gboolean auto4, auto6;
guint64 timestamp = 0;
nm_assert (!specific_object || !*specific_object);
......@@ -1035,13 +1037,20 @@ can_auto_connect (NMDevice *device,
s_wifi = nm_connection_get_setting_wireless (connection);
g_return_val_if_fail (s_wifi, FALSE);
/* Always allow autoconnect for AP and non-autoconf Ad-Hoc */
method = nm_utils_get_ip_config_method (connection, AF_INET);
/* Always allow autoconnect for AP and non-autoconf Ad-Hoc or Mesh */
auto4 = nm_streq0 (nm_utils_get_ip_config_method (connection, AF_INET),
method6 = nm_utils_get_ip_config_method (connection, AF_INET6);
auto6 = nm_streq0 (method6, NM_SETTING_IP6_CONFIG_METHOD_AUTO)
|| nm_streq0 (method6, NM_SETTING_IP6_CONFIG_METHOD_DHCP);
mode = nm_setting_wireless_get_mode (s_wifi);
if (nm_streq0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_AP))
return TRUE;
else if ( nm_streq0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_ADHOC)
&& !nm_streq0 (method, NM_SETTING_IP4_CONFIG_METHOD_AUTO))
else if (!auto4 && nm_streq0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_ADHOC))
return TRUE;
else if (!auto4 && !auto6 && nm_streq0 (mode, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE_MESH))
return TRUE;
/* Don't autoconnect to networks that have been tried at least once
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