Commit 85db10a1 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

settings: fix connection addition

Need to make sure we actually export the connection over D-Bus (via
claim_connection()) before we try to return its object path in the
AddConnection reply.  Second, we need to send the path as a string
in the reply, not an object, since the return type is an object path.
parent 9d725be3
......@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ add_new_connection (NMSettings *self,
GError **error)
NMSettingsPrivate *priv = NM_SETTINGS_GET_PRIVATE (self);
GError *tmp_error = NULL, *last_error = NULL;
GError *add_error = NULL;
GSList *iter;
NMSysconfigConnection *added = NULL;
......@@ -804,18 +804,18 @@ add_new_connection (NMSettings *self,
* 5) plugin reads the changes and ignores them because they will
* contain the same data as the connection it already knows about
for (iter = priv->plugins; iter && !added; iter = g_slist_next (iter)) {
added = nm_system_config_interface_add_connection (NM_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INTERFACE (iter->data),
g_clear_error (&last_error);
if (!added)
g_propagate_error (&last_error, tmp_error);
for (iter = priv->plugins; iter; iter = g_slist_next (iter)) {
NMSystemConfigInterface *plugin = NM_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INTERFACE (iter->data);
if (!added)
g_propagate_error (error, last_error);
return added;
g_clear_error (error);
added = nm_system_config_interface_add_connection (plugin, connection, &add_error);
if (added) {
claim_connection (self, added, TRUE);
return added;
g_propagate_error (error, add_error);
return NULL;
static void
......@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ pk_add_cb (GObject *object, GAsyncResult *result, gpointer user_data)
NMSettingsPrivate *priv;
PolkitAuthorizationResult *pk_result;
GError *error = NULL, *add_error = NULL;
NMSysconfigConnection *added_connection;
NMSysconfigConnection *added;
/* If NMSettings is already gone, do nothing */
if (call->disposed) {
......@@ -861,9 +861,9 @@ pk_add_cb (GObject *object, GAsyncResult *result, gpointer user_data)
goto out;
added_connection = add_new_connection (self, call->connection, &add_error);
if (added_connection)
dbus_g_method_return (call->context, added_connection);
added = add_new_connection (self, call->connection, &add_error);
if (added)
dbus_g_method_return (call->context, nm_connection_get_path (NM_CONNECTION (added)));
else {
error = g_error_new (NM_SETTINGS_ERROR,
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