Commit 613af1de authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller Committed by Lubomir Rintel

core: fix file permissions for "/var/lib/NetworkManager/secret_key"

Ooherwise, the file has wrong permissions:

  # ls -la /var/lib/NetworkManager/secret_key
  ----r-xr-x. 1 root root 50 May 14 13:52 /var/lib/NetworkManager/secret_key

Luckily, /var/lib/NetworkManager should be already

  # ls -lad /var/lib/NetworkManager
  drwx------. 2 root root 8192 May 14 13:57 /var/lib/NetworkManager

which mitigates this a bit.

Fixes: dbcb1d6d ('core: let nm_utils_secret_key_read() handle failures internally')

(cherry picked from commit dc3a2f9b)
(cherry picked from commit 2d46247c)
parent fe616116
......@@ -2697,7 +2697,7 @@ _host_id_read (guint8 **out_host_id,
} else if (!nm_utils_file_set_contents (SECRET_KEY_FILE,
(const char *) new_content,
&error)) {
nm_log_warn (LOGD_CORE, "secret-key: failure to persist secret key in \"%s\" (%s) (use non-persistent key)",
SECRET_KEY_FILE, error->message);
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