Commit 5b042b16 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens's avatar Jan Alexander Steffens Committed by Thomas Haller

meson: Use libexecdir for dnssec-trigger-script fallback

Use an `if` to keep line length down.
parent 1fad494c
......@@ -660,7 +660,11 @@ config_h.set_quoted('DNSMASQ_PATH', find_program(get_option('dnsmasq')).path())
# dnssec-trigger-script path
dnssec_trigger_script = find_program(get_option('dnssec_trigger'), required: false)
config_h.set_quoted('DNSSEC_TRIGGER_SCRIPT', (dnssec_trigger_script.found() ? dnssec_trigger_script.path() : '/usr/libexec/dnssec-trigger-script'))
if dnssec_trigger_script.found()
config_h.set_quoted('DNSSEC_TRIGGER_SCRIPT', dnssec_trigger_script.path())
config_h.set_quoted('DNSSEC_TRIGGER_SCRIPT', join_paths(nm_libexecdir, 'dnssec-trigger-script'))
# system CA certificates path
system_ca_path = get_option('system_ca_path')
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