Commit 5ad69cb2 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

core: remove child devices without deconfiguring them (bgo #738479)

When a child device is found and an IP configuration already exists
for it even though it is under NM control (like when pppd applies
IP config to a WWAN device before NM gets the IP details from the pppd
plugin), don't deconfigure the child device when removing it from the
device list, because this breaks the device's configuration.
parent 82836724
......@@ -120,7 +120,6 @@ static void impl_manager_check_connectivity (NMManager *manager,
#include "nm-manager-glue.h"
static void add_device (NMManager *self, NMDevice *device, gboolean try_assume);
static void remove_device (NMManager *self, NMDevice *device, gboolean quitting);
static NMActiveConnection *_new_active_connection (NMManager *self,
NMConnection *connection,
......@@ -732,11 +731,14 @@ device_has_pending_action_changed (NMDevice *device,
static void
remove_device (NMManager *manager, NMDevice *device, gboolean quitting)
remove_device (NMManager *manager,
NMDevice *device,
gboolean quitting,
gboolean allow_unmanage)
NMManagerPrivate *priv = NM_MANAGER_GET_PRIVATE (manager);
if (nm_device_get_managed (device)) {
if (allow_unmanage && nm_device_get_managed (device)) {
NMActRequest *req = nm_device_get_act_request (device);
gboolean unmanage = FALSE;
......@@ -777,7 +779,7 @@ remove_device (NMManager *manager, NMDevice *device, gboolean quitting)
static void
device_removed_cb (NMDevice *device, gpointer user_data)
remove_device (NM_MANAGER (user_data), device, FALSE);
remove_device (NM_MANAGER (user_data), device, FALSE, TRUE);
static void
......@@ -1723,7 +1725,7 @@ device_ip_iface_changed (NMDevice *device,
if ( candidate != device
&& g_strcmp0 (nm_device_get_iface (candidate), ip_iface) == 0) {
remove_device (self, candidate, FALSE);
remove_device (self, candidate, FALSE, FALSE);
......@@ -1767,7 +1769,7 @@ add_device (NMManager *self, NMDevice *device, gboolean try_assume)
remove = g_slist_prepend (remove, iter->data);
for (iter = remove; iter; iter = iter->next)
remove_device (self, NM_DEVICE (iter->data), FALSE);
remove_device (self, NM_DEVICE (iter->data), FALSE, FALSE);
g_slist_free (remove);
priv->devices = g_slist_append (priv->devices, g_object_ref (device));
......@@ -2183,7 +2185,7 @@ platform_link_cb (NMPlatform *platform,
device = nm_manager_get_device_by_ifindex (self, ifindex);
if (device)
remove_device (self, device, FALSE);
remove_device (self, device, FALSE, TRUE);
......@@ -4997,7 +4999,7 @@ dispose (GObject *object)
/* Remove all devices */
while (priv->devices)
remove_device (manager, NM_DEVICE (priv->devices->data), TRUE);
remove_device (manager, NM_DEVICE (priv->devices->data), TRUE, TRUE);
if (priv->ac_cleanup_id) {
g_source_remove (priv->ac_cleanup_id);
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