Commit 4ea6c83e authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

settings: fix handling of VPN secrets in for_each_secret()

nm_setting_get_secret_flags() looks whether we have a suitable "-flags"
data value, or whether we have a secret with that name.

In fact, we know this is a valid secret-name. Even if there are no secret-flags
and the secret (currently) does not exists. We shall not care about the
return value.

Note that nm_setting_get_secret_flags() also for non-secrets will set
the flags to "NONE", which is just what we need.
parent 5eac2415
......@@ -279,11 +279,12 @@ for_each_secret (NMConnection *self,
g_variant_builder_init (&vpn_secrets_builder, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("a{ss}"));
g_variant_iter_init (&vpn_secrets_iter, val);
while (g_variant_iter_next (&vpn_secrets_iter, "{&s&s}", &vpn_secret_name, &secret)) {
if (!nm_setting_get_secret_flags (setting, vpn_secret_name, &secret_flags, NULL)) {
if (!remove_non_secrets)
g_variant_builder_add (&vpn_secrets_builder, "{ss}", vpn_secret_name, secret);
/* we ignore the return value of get_secret_flags. The function may determine
* that this is not a secret, based on having not secret-flags and no secrets.
* But we have the secret at hand. We know it would be a valid secret, if we
* only would add it to the VPN settings. */
nm_setting_get_secret_flags (setting, vpn_secret_name, &secret_flags, NULL);
if (callback (secret_flags, callback_data))
g_variant_builder_add (&vpn_secrets_builder, "{ss}", vpn_secret_name, secret);
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