Commit 460124fe authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

merge: branch 'bg/restore-ip6-addr-link-up-rh1548237'
(cherry picked from commit db46d9b8)
(cherry picked from commit 008a5805)
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......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ nm_utils_get_monotonic_timestamp_s (void)
* @timestamp: the monotonic-timestamp that should be converted into CLOCK_BOOTTIME.
* @timestamp_ns_per_tick: How many nano seconds make one unit of @timestamp? E.g. if
* @timestamp is in unit seconds, pass %NM_UTILS_NS_PER_SECOND; @timestamp in nano
* seconds, pass 1; @timestamp in milli seconds, pass %NM_UTILS_NS_PER_SECOND/1000; etc.
* seconds, pass 1; @timestamp in milliseconds, pass %NM_UTILS_NS_PER_SECOND/1000; etc.
* Returns: the monotonic-timestamp as CLOCK_BOOTTIME, as returned by clock_gettime().
* The unit is the same as the passed in @timestamp basd on @timestamp_ns_per_tick.
......@@ -3578,7 +3578,7 @@ nm_device_set_carrier (NMDevice *self, gboolean carrier)
now_ms = nm_utils_get_monotonic_timestamp_ms ();
until_ms = NM_MAX (now_ms + _get_carrier_wait_ms (self), priv->carrier_wait_until_ms);
priv->carrier_defer_id = g_timeout_add (until_ms - now_ms, carrier_disconnected_action_cb, self);
_LOGD (LOGD_DEVICE, "carrier: link disconnected (deferring action for %ld milli seconds) (id=%u)",
_LOGD (LOGD_DEVICE, "carrier: link disconnected (deferring action for %ld milliseconds) (id=%u)",
(long) (until_ms - now_ms), priv->carrier_defer_id);
......@@ -3880,17 +3880,13 @@ device_link_changed (NMDevice *self)
if (priv->up && (!was_up || seen_down)) {
/* the link was down and just came up. That happens for example, while changing MTU.
* We must restore IP configuration. */
if (priv->ip_state_4 == NM_DEVICE_IP_STATE_DONE) {
if (!ip_config_merge_and_apply (self, AF_INET, TRUE))
_LOGW (LOGD_IP4, "failed applying IP4 config after link comes up again");
priv->linklocal6_dad_counter = 0;
if (priv->ip_state_6 == NM_DEVICE_IP_STATE_DONE) {
if (!ip_config_merge_and_apply (self, AF_INET6, TRUE))
_LOGW (LOGD_IP6, "failed applying IP6 config after link comes up again");
if (update_unmanaged_specs)
nm_device_set_unmanaged_by_user_settings (self);
......@@ -12804,7 +12800,8 @@ update_ext_ip_config (NMDevice *self, int addr_family, gboolean intersect_config
for (iter = priv->vpn_configs_6; iter; iter = iter->next)
nm_ip6_config_intersect (iter->data, priv->ext_ip_config_6, is_up, is_up, 0);
if ( priv->ipv6ll_has
if ( is_up
&& priv->ipv6ll_has
&& !nm_ip6_config_lookup_address (priv->ext_ip_config_6, &priv->ipv6ll_addr))
priv->ipv6ll_has = FALSE;
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