Commit 39928569 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

contrib/rpm: reorder BuildRequires in spec file

Move the BuildRequires related to basic C build environment to the
beginning. Also, avoid specifying multiple packages in one line.
parent e2f10635
......@@ -136,6 +136,13 @@ Conflicts: NetworkManager-openconnect < 0:
Conflicts: kde-plasma-networkmanagement < 1:0.9-0.49.20110527git.nm09
BuildRequires: gcc
BuildRequires: libtool
BuildRequires: pkgconfig
BuildRequires: automake
BuildRequires: autoconf
BuildRequires: intltool
BuildRequires: gettext-devel
BuildRequires: dbus-devel >= %{dbus_version}
BuildRequires: dbus-glib-devel >= %{dbus_glib_version}
%if 0%{?fedora}
......@@ -143,9 +150,6 @@ BuildRequires: wireless-tools-devel >= %{wireless_tools_version}
BuildRequires: glib2-devel >= 2.40.0
BuildRequires: gobject-introspection-devel >= 0.10.3
BuildRequires: gettext-devel
BuildRequires: pkgconfig
BuildRequires: automake autoconf intltool libtool
%if %{with ppp}
BuildRequires: ppp-devel >= 2.4.5
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