Commit 38299a1d authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

build: meson: fix wrong man page link

Fixes: 98b4a19a

parent 395c385b
Pipeline #7906 passed with stages
in 31 minutes and 16 seconds
......@@ -42,6 +42,6 @@ if [ "$6" = install_docs ]; then
ln -f "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man1/nmtui.1" "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man1/${alias}.1"
ln -f "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man5/NetworkManager.conf.5" "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man5/nm-system-settings.conf"
ln -f "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man5/NetworkManager.conf.5" "${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man5/nm-system-settings.conf.5"
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