Commit 32148417 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

shared/trivial: rename _nm_g_slice_free_fcn1() macro to nm_g_slice_free_fcn1()

The leading underscore has the notion that this would be a private function.
It really isn't, and it would be fine for the user to call it directly.

Just like we have g_slice_free() and g_slice_free1().
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......@@ -640,7 +640,7 @@ _nm_g_slice_free_fcn_define (12)
_nm_g_slice_free_fcn_define (16)
_nm_g_slice_free_fcn_define (32)
#define _nm_g_slice_free_fcn1(mem_size) \
#define nm_g_slice_free_fcn1(mem_size) \
({ \
void (*_fcn) (gpointer); \
......@@ -677,9 +677,9 @@ _nm_g_slice_free_fcn_define (32)
* Returns: a function pointer with GDestroyNotify signature
* for g_slice_free(type,*).
* Only certain types are implemented. You'll get an assertion
* using the wrong type. */
#define nm_g_slice_free_fcn(type) (_nm_g_slice_free_fcn1 (sizeof (type)))
* Only certain types are implemented. You'll get a compile time
* error for the wrong types. */
#define nm_g_slice_free_fcn(type) (nm_g_slice_free_fcn1 (sizeof (type)))
#define nm_g_slice_free_fcn_gint64 (nm_g_slice_free_fcn (gint64))
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