Commit 2d3c2062 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

manager: merge branch 'bg/sw-device-sleep-rh1701585'
(cherry picked from commit bb9e3195)
parents 1c27350b da8462df
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......@@ -5866,9 +5866,15 @@ do_sleep_wake (NMManager *self, gboolean sleeping_changed)
* suspend/resume?
c_list_for_each_entry (device, &priv->devices_lst_head, devices_lst) {
/* FIXME: shouldn't we be unmanaging software devices if !suspending? */
if (nm_device_is_software (device))
if (nm_device_is_software (device)) {
/* If a user disables networking we consider that as an
* indication that also software devices must be disconnected.
* But we don't want to destroy them for external events as
* a system suspend.
if (suspending)
/* Wake-on-LAN devices will be taken down post-suspend rather than pre- */
if ( suspending
&& device_is_wake_on_lan (priv->platform, device)) {
......@@ -5923,10 +5929,10 @@ do_sleep_wake (NMManager *self, gboolean sleeping_changed)
c_list_for_each_entry (device, &priv->devices_lst_head, devices_lst) {
guint i;
if (nm_device_is_software (device)) {
/* We do not manage/unmanage software devices but
* their dhcp leases could have gone stale so we need
* to renew them */
if ( nm_device_is_software (device)
&& !nm_device_get_unmanaged_flags (device, NM_UNMANAGED_SLEEPING)) {
/* DHCP leases of software devices could have gone stale
* so we need to renew them. */
nm_device_update_dynamic_ip_setup (device);
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