Commit 21ee2f50 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

manager: relax condition when checking for duplicate ACs

An active connection started by user could be queued in state UNKNOWN
which means the device hasn't started activating yet. Eventually it
will, and we don't want to cancel the user activation because of an
internal autoconnection attempt.

(cherry picked from commit d33c995d)
parent bd372bab
......@@ -4891,9 +4891,7 @@ _internal_activation_auth_done (NMManager *self,
c_list_for_each_entry (ac, &priv->active_connections_lst_head, active_connections_lst) {
if ( nm_active_connection_get_device (ac) == nm_active_connection_get_device (active)
&& nm_active_connection_get_settings_connection (ac) == nm_active_connection_get_settings_connection (active)
&& NM_IN_SET (nm_active_connection_get_state (ac),
&& nm_active_connection_get_state (ac) <= NM_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_STATE_ACTIVATED) {
g_set_error (&error,
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