Commit 19510299 authored by David Woodhouse's avatar David Woodhouse Committed by Dan Williams

core: complete the openconnect migration hack; add flags for the saved secrets too (bgo #650383)

Commit e083cd5c stopped openconnect from
saving its secrets. It'd been working for a whole three minutes since my
previous commit.

We need to have at least one secret with an *extant* flags setting of
NM_SETTING_SECRET_FLAG_NONE, in order to trigger a write-out of the new
set of secrets. And we might as well list all the secrets we *know* the
auth-dialog is going to use, although we know there will be some secrets
that we cannot predict in advance (the form entry boxes).
parent c0387ffb
......@@ -703,6 +703,10 @@ connection_visibility_changed (NMSettingsConnection *connection,
static void
openconnect_migrate_hack (NMConnection *connection)
......@@ -721,9 +725,17 @@ openconnect_migrate_hack (NMConnection *connection)
if (g_strcmp0 (nm_setting_vpn_get_service_type (s_vpn), NM_DBUS_SERVICE_OPENCONNECT) == 0) {
/* These are different for every login session, and should not be stored */
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_GATEWAY, flags, NULL);
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_COOKIE, flags, NULL);
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_GWCERT, flags, NULL);
/* These are purely internal data for the auth-dialog, and should be stored */
flags = 0;
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_XMLCONFIG, flags, NULL);
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_LASTHOST, flags, NULL);
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_AUTOCONNECT, flags, NULL);
nm_setting_set_secret_flags (NM_SETTING (s_vpn), NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_CERTSIGS, flags, NULL);
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