Commit 143f518c authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel 🥕

modem/broadband: set the gsm.device-id in complete_connection()

This is the preferred way of associating the connection with a
particualr modem.

parent 7a5bf59e
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......@@ -656,12 +656,12 @@ check_connection_compatible_with_modem (NMModem *_self, NMConnection *connection
static gboolean
complete_connection (NMModem *_self,
complete_connection (NMModem *modem,
NMConnection *connection,
NMConnection *const*existing_connections,
GError **error)
NMModemBroadband *self = NM_MODEM_BROADBAND (_self);
NMModemBroadband *self = NM_MODEM_BROADBAND (modem);
MMModemCapability modem_caps;
NMSettingPpp *s_ppp;
......@@ -679,6 +679,20 @@ complete_connection (NMModem *_self,
if (MODEM_CAPS_3GPP (modem_caps)) {
NMSettingGsm *s_gsm;
s_gsm = nm_connection_get_setting_gsm (connection);
if (!s_gsm) {
s_gsm = (NMSettingGsm *) nm_setting_gsm_new ();
nm_connection_add_setting (connection, NM_SETTING (s_gsm));
if (!nm_setting_gsm_get_device_id (s_gsm)) {
g_object_set (G_OBJECT (s_gsm),
NM_SETTING_GSM_DEVICE_ID, nm_modem_get_device_id (modem),
nm_utils_complete_generic (NM_PLATFORM_GET,
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