Commit 0c7bf6ba authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš

cli: add generic setting_details() for printing NMSetting

parent 6000ccfc
......@@ -699,6 +699,64 @@ ip6_privacy_to_string (NMSettingIP6ConfigPrivacy ip6_privacy)
setting_details (NMSetting *setting, NmCli *nmc)
GType setting_type;
g_return_val_if_fail (NM_IS_SETTING (setting), FALSE);
setting_type = G_OBJECT_TYPE (setting);
if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_CONNECTION)
return setting_connection_details (NM_SETTING_CONNECTION (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_WIRED)
return setting_wired_details (NM_SETTING_WIRED (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_802_1X)
return setting_802_1X_details (NM_SETTING_802_1X (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_WIRELESS)
return setting_wireless_details (NM_SETTING_WIRELESS (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_WIRELESS_SECURITY)
return setting_wireless_security_details (NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_SECURITY (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_IP4_CONFIG)
return setting_ip4_config_details (NM_SETTING_IP4_CONFIG (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_IP6_CONFIG)
return setting_ip6_config_details (NM_SETTING_IP6_CONFIG (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_SERIAL)
return setting_serial_details (NM_SETTING_SERIAL (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_PPP)
return setting_ppp_details (NM_SETTING_PPP (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_PPPOE)
return setting_pppoe_details (NM_SETTING_PPPOE (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_GSM)
return setting_gsm_details (NM_SETTING_GSM (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_CDMA)
return setting_cdma_details (NM_SETTING_CDMA (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_BLUETOOTH)
return setting_bluetooth_details (NM_SETTING_BLUETOOTH (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_OLPC_MESH)
return setting_olpc_mesh_details (NM_SETTING_OLPC_MESH (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_VPN)
return setting_vpn_details (NM_SETTING_VPN (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_WIMAX)
return setting_wimax_details (NM_SETTING_WIMAX (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_INFINIBAND)
return setting_infiniband_details (NM_SETTING_INFINIBAND (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_BOND)
return setting_bond_details (NM_SETTING_BOND (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_VLAN)
return setting_vlan_details (NM_SETTING_VLAN (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_ADSL)
return setting_adsl_details (NM_SETTING_ADSL (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_BRIDGE)
return setting_bridge_details (NM_SETTING_BRIDGE (setting), nmc);
else if (setting_type == NM_TYPE_SETTING_BRIDGE_PORT)
return setting_bridge_port_details (NM_SETTING_BRIDGE_PORT (setting), nmc);
/* should not be reached */
return FALSE;
setting_connection_details (NMSettingConnection *s_con, NmCli *nmc)
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
#include "utils.h"
gboolean setting_details (NMSetting *ssetting, NmCli *nmc);
gboolean setting_connection_details (NMSettingConnection *s_con, NmCli *nmc);
gboolean setting_wired_details (NMSettingWired *s_wired, NmCli *nmc);
gboolean setting_802_1X_details (NMSetting8021x *s_8021X, NmCli *nmc);
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