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    core: autoconnect fixes for default-unmanaged devices and property notification · d147c265
    Dan Williams authored
    Previously the only thing preventing default-unmanaged devices from
    being auto-activated was luck and the fact that they didn't have any
    available connections when in the UNMANAGED state.  That's no longer
    true, so we must be more explicit about their behavior.
    Furthermore it makes no sense to allow default-unmanaged devices
    to set priv->autoconnect=TRUE since that is never supposed to
    happen, so enforce that both in NM itself and if the change
    request comes in over the D-Bus interface.
    Lastly, internal priv->autoconnect=TRUE changes never emitted a
    property change notification, meaning the NMPolicy would never
    schedule an autoconnect check if the device's priv->autoconnect
    was set to TRUE as a result of re-activating or waking from sleep.
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