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    cli: allow setting the colors with terminal-colors.d(5) · bcc9e58b
    Lubomir Rintel authored
    The present version of the specification is somewhat unclear at times,
    Unclear points were discussed with the maintainers [1] and probably
    some new version will address those.
    Until then here's how the implementation copes with ambiguities
    (after the discussion with util-linux maintainers):
    1.) It is unclear whether multiple .schem files should override each
        other or be merged. We use the overriding behavior -- take the
        highest priority one and ignore the rest.
    2.) We assume "name.schem" is more specific than "@term.schem".
    3.) We assume the "Color name" are to be used as aliases for the color
        sequences and translate them to ANSI escape sequences.
    4.) The "Escape sequences" are of no use since the specification
        pretty much assumes an ANSI terminal and none of the sequences make
        any sense in ANSI color codes. We don't support them.
        accept that.
    5.) We don't implement TERMINAL_COLORS_DEBUG because it's unspecified
        what should it do.
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