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    all/ethtool: add support for all currently supported kernel features · da109a29
    Thomas Haller authored
    As of upstream kernel v4.18-rc8.
    Note that we name the features like they are called in ethtool's
    Except, for features like "tx-gro", which ethtool utility aliases
    as "gro". So, for those features where ethtool has a built-in,
    alternative name, we prefer the alias.
    And again, note that a few aliases of ethtool utility ("sg", "tso", "tx")
    actually affect more than one underlying kernel feature.
    Note that 3 kernel features which are announced via ETH_SS_FEATURES are
    explicitly exluded because kernel marks them as "never_changed":
                                      NETIF_F_LLTX | NETIF_F_NETNS_LOCAL)
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