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    build/meson: fix meson build for shared files · f445128a
    Thomas Haller authored
    The files in shared/nm-utils are not compiled as one static library,
    instead each subproject that needs (parts of) them, re-compiles the
    files individually.
    The major reason for that is, because we might have different compile
    flags, depending on whether we build libnm-core or
    libnm-util/libnm-glib. Actually, I think that is not really the case,
    and maybe this should be refactored, to indeed build them all as a
    static library first.
    Anyway, libnm-util, libnm-glib, clients' common lib, they all need a
    different set of shared files that they should compile. Refactor
    "shared/meson.build" to account for that and handle it like autotools
    Another change is, that "shared_c_siphash_dep" no longer advertises
    "include_directories: include_directories('c-siphash/src')". We don't
    put c-siphash.h into the include search path. Users who need it, should
    include it via "#include <c-siphash/src/c-siphash.h>". The only exception
    is when building shared_n_acd library, which is not under our control.
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