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    libnm/trivial: cleanup variable names in settings' class-init functions · 23adc373
    Thomas Haller authored
    - Don't use @parent_class name. This local variable (and @object_class) is
      the class instance up-cast to the pointer types of the parents. The point
      here is not that it is the direct parent. The point is, that it's the
      NMSettingClass type.
      Also, it can only be used inconsistently, in face of NMSettingIP4Config,
      who's parent type is NMSettingIPConfig. Clearly, inside
      nm-setting-ip4-config.c we wouldn't want to use the "parent_class"
      name. Consistently rename @parent_class to @setting_class.
    - Also rename the pointer to the own class to @klass. "setting_class" is also the
      wrong name for that, because the right name would be something like
      However, "klass" is preferred over the latter, because we commonly create new
      GObject implementations by copying an existing one. Generic names like "klass"
      and "self" inside a type implementation make that simpler.
    - drop useless comments like
         /* virtual functions */
         /* Properties */
      It's better to logically and visually structure the code, and avoid trival
      remarks about that. They only end up being used inconsistently. If you
      even need a stronger visual separator, then an 80 char /****/ line
      should be preferred.
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