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    checkpoint: allow resetting the rollback timeout via D-Bus · f6730322
    Thomas Haller authored
    This allows to adjust the timeout of an existing checkpoint.
    The main usecase of checkpoints, is to have a fail-safe when
    configuring the network remotely. By allowing to reset the timeout,
    the user can perform a series of actions, and keep bumping the
    timeout. That way, the entire series is still guarded by the same
    checkpoint, but the user can start with short timeout, and
    re-adjust the timeout as he goes along.
    The libnm API only implements the async form (at least for now).
    Sync methods are fundamentally wrong with D-Bus, and it's probably
    not needed. Also, follow glib convenction, where the async form
    doesn't have the _async name suffix. Also, accept a D-Bus path
    as argument, not a NMCheckpoint instance. The libnm API should
    not be more restricted than the underlying D-Bus API. It would
    be cumbersome to require the user to lookup the NMCheckpoint
    instance first, especially since libnm doesn't provide an efficient
    or convenient lookup-by-path method. On the other hand, retrieving
    the path from a NMCheckpoint instance is always possible.
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