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    libnm: use "libnm-systemd-shared.a" in "libnm-core.la" (and "libnm.so") · c4512f83
    Thomas Haller authored
    It's not yet used, but it will be. We will need nm_sd_utils_unbase64mem()
    to strictly validate WireGuard settings, which contain keys in base64 encoding.
    Note that we also need a stub implementation for logging. This will do
    nothing for all logging from "libnm-systemd-shared.a". This makes
    sense because "libnm.so" as a library should not log directly. Also,
    "libnm.so" will only use a small portion of "libnm-systemd-shared.a" which
    doesn't log anything. Thus this code is unused and dropped by the linker
    with "--gc-sections".
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